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Lunchroom Leadership

July 07, 2022 Season 2 Episode 217
gcLi Leadership Podcast
Lunchroom Leadership
Show Notes

At the gcLi we highlight leadership in it's many forms, so it makes sense that we speak to people in formal, titled leadership positions. However, if you've been around the gcLi for a while, you know that leadership comes in as many shapes and sizes as there are people. You also know that to teach leadership, you must pay attention, adapt, and capture teachable moments when you see them.

Only a very small fraction of leaders have formal, institutional leadership roles.  This episode is dedicated to all of the untitled leadership professionals who lead by example and probably, without knowing it, make a considerable impact on community.

Today's guest is Jennifer Grissom, the Food Service Director at the Altamont School. Jennifer was awarded the James Barton Leadership Award for her extraordinary leadership.

As you listen, think about someone in your community who has an enormous impact on leadership but is not getting the recognition they deserve.  We'd love to know about them, please email Berdy at kberdy@gclileadership.org and put "Lunchroom Leadership" in the subject line!

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