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Bobby Pollicino: Leading By Enhancing Joy

September 01, 2022 gcLi Season 2 Episode 221
gcLi Leadership Podcast
Bobby Pollicino: Leading By Enhancing Joy
Show Notes

Bobby Pollicino is the Head of Upper School at Bullis School in Potomac, MD. He has served as a school administrator for over 15 years, also in dean of students and assistant principal roles. He has taught high school courses in science, leadership, and public speaking while also serving as a varsity assistant soccer coach and varsity head lacrosse coach.

 Bobby’s academic leadership career is grounded in a healthy interest in leadership which has led to conferences with Stanley King Institute, Garnder, Carney Leadership Institute, and a fellowship with Leadership+Design. Bobby has presented for local and national organizations on topics including meeting culture, digital wellness and hiring practices.

 A native of Upstate New York, Bobby attributes many of his life lessons to observing the work ethic and commitment of his parents and older brother. He played high school and college lacrosse, winning a National Championship at the collegiate level. He has used many leadership lessons passed on from his high school and college coaches.

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