gcLi Leadership Podcast

Mike Pardee: Paradoxes In Leadership

September 14, 2022 Season 2 Episode 222
gcLi Leadership Podcast
Mike Pardee: Paradoxes In Leadership
Show Notes

Today's guest is no stranger to the Pedagogy of Leadership®. In fact, I call him our-in house Heifetz scholar and he's my go-to whenever I need a quick reminder to "Rock on" or some nuanced brainstorming on a tough topic. In fact, it was in a quick call about the work he does as our resident researcher that we decided to let on in our conversation about Paradoxes in leadership as they relate to The Pedagogy of Leadership® at the gcLi. 

Mike Pardee is a master educator committed to innovative approaches and pedagogies, so it makes sense that he's found a new home at the Crefeld School in Philadelphia because Crefeld seeks to provide  "an intentionally different college preparatory program to help students become their best selves with a mission to graduate self-aware, empathetic, lifelong learners who possess an appreciation for diverse perspectives, their role in society, and their ability to act as agents of change." 

Crefeld and the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute are lucky beneficiaries of Mike's generous energy, talent, and wisdom.

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