gcLi Leadership Podcast

Looking Towards 2023 With Berdy

January 24, 2023 gcLi Season 2 Episode 227
gcLi Leadership Podcast
Looking Towards 2023 With Berdy
Show Notes

It's all about looking forward, that's what we're doing at the gcLi.  In this episode, our host, Katherine Berdy, discusses resolutions? Intentions? Another day? Whatever you do, I hope you keep the 3Cs in mind: Connection, Competence, and Confidence.

The 3Cs for Berdy: 

CONNECTION:  I want to connect more with you. Please email me if you or someone you know would like to be a guest on the podcast. It's quick and easy, and we truly want to hear what you are doing at your school or in your community. 

COMPETENCE: I also want to grow in my competence with this podcast. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I still feel very new to the world of podcasting. Feedback is vital to my growth, so bring it on! 

CONFIDENCE: As for confidence, this is my trouble spot. I've been told I hide it well, but I am my own worst enemy in this space. I hope to embrace my fears and confidently forge ahead, even if that means mistakes and fumbles. 

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