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Dr. Heidi Kasevich; Preparing Our Female Students To Lead

August 02, 2021 gcLi Season 1 Episode 112
gcLi Leadership Podcast
Dr. Heidi Kasevich; Preparing Our Female Students To Lead
Show Notes

Dr. Kasevich founded Kase Leadership Method to help students and adults alike to use self-awareness to optimize their ability to lead in today’s world. A national keynote speaker, known for her effervescent presentation style, she is committed to fostering inclusive cultures where people of diverse learning and leadership styles can thrive. 

Her proficiency is grounded in more than 20 years of experience as leadership and history educator and history department chair at several independent schools and universities in New York City. A specialist in empowering introverted leaders, she recently served as director of the Quiet Schools Network, a professional development program for educators nationwide that was featured on NPR and in numerous publications, including Huffington Post, New York Magazine, and Harvard Magazine. Her expertise in leadership development is rooted in her creation of an influential program for girls, Closing the Gap, which teaches service through the Guide to Giving, her highly-acclaimedK-12 philanthropy curriculum.

 Dr. Kasevich is the co-author of a revolutionary book for actors, directors and actor educators, The Introverted Actor: Practical Approaches (July 2020).  Her forthcoming publication, Heard: Understanding How Introverted Students Learn and Lead (2021), provides K-12 educators with a wealth of strategies to foster temperament-inclusive teaching and learning communities.


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