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The Gardner Carney Leadership Institute's, (gcLi) mission makes clear that there is an inextricable connection between leadership and citizenship. We are committed to the idea that leadership must be cultivated. The healthy, effective, and benevolent functioning of classrooms, sports teams, schools, local communities, and entire nations depends upon it. Leadership is an active struggle, an exercise of character and values, a willingness to be in dialogue with diverse viewpoints, an ability to take risks and to engage wholeheartedly and uncomfortably with groups. To do it well, one must be willing to be in a lifelong journey to become more self-aware. In short, the path to leadership and thus to citizenship consists of all the skills and behaviors that the gcLi has taught since its inaugural Leadership Lab 2005. In my view, never has such training been more relevant. gcLi's Mission: Educating Teachers to Teach Leadership to Students.
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